• Story (The juvenescence of a superhero) – Embrace a new, younger, energetic portrayal of a friendly neighbourhood superhero in a retelling reverberating in reasonableness and rationality.
  • Feeling/mood (The energy of a high-spirited web swinger) – join Peter Parker in an adventure echoing with antagonism, enmity, opposition and detestation in a new era of Spider-Man chronicles.
  • Enjoyment (A frolicsome display of responsibility) – caress in a character arc centred around teenage hood, mentorship and adultness as you witness a juvenile Peter Parker juggling a double life attempting to stop a collaboration of villains defamed in viciousness.
  • Experience (With great power comes many mistakes) – Immerse in the bustling, tireless streets of Queens and venture into a vitalising views of New York in a universe overflowing with ebullience, dynamism, verve and liveliness.
  • Length – 2 hours 13 minutes
  • Genre – Action, Adventure, Science Fiction
  • Cost/availability – Currently available on Netflix. Also available to buy on blu ray from multiple retailers
  • Director – Jon Watts
  • Release Date – 5th July 2017

Spider-Man Homecoming is a Marvel cinematic universe adventure of belonging, purpose and maturation as you become attached to a web of responsibility, juvenility and adolescence. Excite in a new instalment of Spider-Man origination, springing into the restoration of Peter Parker as your friendly neighbourhood superhero.

Wall-crawl into the juvenescence of Peter Parker, infused in the witticisms of awkwardness, ripostes radiating with hilarity and pleasantries overflowing with altruism. Anchored to a dyad cloaked in confidentiality, Peter Parker alongside his best friend Ned will face off against the turpitude of transgression, seeking to shelter the sanctuary of Queens from the consternation bedevilling the streets.

Spider-Man Homecoming

The Qualifications Of A Superhero

Guided under the mentorship of Tony Stark, Peter Parker will muster the manifestation of morality,  learning the lessons of liability. Revitalised by the fortuity of Civil War, enliven in the energy, enthusiasm and exuberance of Spider-Man, reborn through a younger, ebullient and vivacious persona. Relish in the rapacity and euphoria of the New York skyline, viewing the valiance, valour and spirit of a youthful, gifted prodigy imbued with a hyperactive stimulus, spectacular strength and speed and superlative reflexes.

Delight in the comedy of clumsiness, the charms of childhood and the ecstasy of high spirits as Spider-Man is overstretched by criminality, distressed by delinquency and burdened by negligence. Empathise with the extremities of great power and great responsibility, divulging in the veracity of what it means to have superpowers. Merge into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, coalescing with the miraculous and the sensational, bonding with a fantasy fostered by an interrelation between reverie and reality. Spider-Man Homecoming is a story of heroism invoked by chaos and carnage, a Marvel masterpiece manifested by reliability and comedy.

Peter Parker

An Education In Antagonism

Galvanise in the dynamism of the shocker, invigorate in the vitality of the vulture, electrify in the excitement of iron man all interweaved into a self-centred narrative of nobility and goodness. Embrace the essence and aura of Spider-Man as he fashions for a homecoming sabotaged by hostility, disrupted by destruction and ravaged by villainy.

Jump into a spider-verse, encountering lawbreakers, racketeers, convicts and outlaws interlacing in the webbing of supervillains of upstanding eminence. Avert your gaze to the revulsion of Mac Gargan and engage with the intelligence of the tinkerer coordinating with the chaotic, vengeful vulture. Spider-Man will be tested through the appraisal of skill, finesse and flair in an adventure isolated from comfort and obscured by enmity.

Travel far from home in a tale transfixed by mesmerisation, fascination and captivation. Resonate with the culpability to be greater and listen to the retelling of a legend, learning that just because you are living a life that is atypical and off-centre does not mean there is no way home to the life of your dreams.

Revel in the classic Spider-Man theme music with subtle harmonies through tones and pitch. Watch a broken, bruised and battered Peter Parker rise from the debris of dejection, revived in the revelations of singularity. Hover on the wings of the antagonistic disparaged vulture echoing the reverberations of resentment and reverence. Glide in the elevations of ruination and revenge as you spectate the spiral of a man quelled by power, deceived by cogency and downgraded by desolation.

Spider-Man Homecoming is an uplifting feature demonstrating the development of a student tyrannised by torment into an idol publicised by ingenuity, versatility and competency. Behold the potency of protocols as Peter Parker is monitored through an attire of armaments whilst being surveilled by the superintendence of Stark. 

Marvel Cinematic Universe

My Personal Experience

Spider-Man Homecoming is a revitalising story of the prestigious, renowned friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. I thoroughly enjoyed every ounce of the fidgety, twitchy and shaky traits of Peter Parker juxtaposed with the alacrity, quickness and enthusiasm of Spider-Man. I felt revitalised and rejuvenated with sanguine, cheerfulness and hopefulness from start to finish.

Journeying into a new adventure within the Marvel Cinematic Universe always fills me with this bubbly, upbeat, positive energy because I am offered an opportunity to indulge with my inner child and connect with my inner nerd. Spider-Man’s quips, jokes and juvenile nature is a treat to experience from beginning to end.


Spider-Man Homecoming is a homage to the classic days of Peter Parker with the juvenile, foolhardy and inadvertent immaturity. Connect with a teenager juggling a double life whilst combating an assortment of villains under the guardianship and mentorship of Tony Stark. Spider-Man Homecoming is a Marvel cinematic universe adventure imbued in adrenaline, action and awkwardness that makes for humorous and chucklesome moments of fun and entertainment. Overall enjoyable superhero film.

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